HC Deb 13 July 1915 vol 73 cc732-3
1. Mr. WING

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs if, in the rearrangement that may arise as the result of the War in the Embassies and Consulates representing the British peoples in foreign countries, he will recognise the large numbers of eligible and capable men engaged as commercial travellers whose technical skill in the arts of salesmanship fit them especially for position of Consul, Commercial Attaché, and other positions in our Embassies in countries where British manufacturers need special representation?


A Royal Commission recently reported upon the Diplomatic and Consular Services, and made certain recommendations which are engaging the attention of His Majesty's Government. It is not possible at this time to make any statement. Admission to these services on a permanent basis is at present suspended. But when the Government are able again to give practical consideration to this subject, the suggestion contained in the question will not be lost sight of. I shall be happy to furnish to my hon. Friend a statement of the duties of Consular officers, from which he will see that they are a good deal more varied and complex than is sometimes thought.

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