HC Deb 22 February 1915 vol 70 cc17-8
35 and 36. Mr. PARKER

asked the President of the Local Government Board (1) the amount of salary paid to the inspector of nuisances in the rural district of Swaffham, Norfolk, prior to his joining His Majesty's Forces; the present amount of his allowance from the rural district council; and the present amount paid to the temporary inspector of nuisances; and (2) whether the Rural District Council of Swaffham, Norfolk, in August last granted their inspector of nuisances leave of absence for military duties during the continuance of the present War, and agreed to pay him half-salary during that period; whether on the 31st of December last that agreement was broken and the amount reduced by one-half; if so, whether the consent of the Local Government Board was specifically given to the reduction; and the grounds on which such consent was given?


The inspector of nuisances to the Swaffham Rural District Council was appointed in 1913 at a salary of £100 per annum. He was a trooper in the King's Own Norfolk Yeomanry at the outbreak of the War, and as such was called out for service. The council resolved to reinstate him on his return, and to pay him a salary of £50 per annum during the continuance of the War. They appointed a temporary substitute at £50 per annum, and the Board sanctioned these arrangements. In December the temporary substitute tendered his resignation, and the council induced him to withdraw it by increasing his salary to £75 per annum. At the same time they rescinded their resolution to pay the inspector £50 per annum during the continuance of the War, and passed another resolution to pay him £25 per annum during this period. The Board refused to sanction this reduction unless the inspector consented to it, but on being informed that the inspector had been told of it and had made no objection, they gave their sanction. The inspector has now informed me that he has notified the council that he objects to the reduction, and I am asking the council to reconsider the matter.