HC Deb 18 February 1915 vol 69 c1295
31. Mr. MOORE

asked the Civil Lord to the Admiralty if he is aware that midshipmen in the Royal Navy receive as pay 1s. 9d. a day, or, approximately, £32 per annum, and that messing alone costs on the average £4 10s. a month, while subalterns of the same age in Line regiments are now in receipt of pay and allowances approximating to £180 per annum; and if it is the intention of the Admiralty to more nearly assimilate the conditions of pay of junior officers in the two Services?


The pay of midshipmen is as stated, but I am advised that £4 10s. a month is excessive for messing, the compulsory mess subscription being only £1 10s. a month. In instituting a comparison such as is made by the hon. Member, it must be remembered that the average age of subalterns is considerably in excess of that of midshipmen, and the conditions as regards messing and other expenses differ considerably in the two Services. I am afraid that I can give no undertaking in regard to the last part of the question.