HC Deb 17 February 1915 vol 69 c1111

asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Board of Agriculture whether, having regard to the possible continuance or increase of the present high price of wheat and flour, he can see his way, by circular letter or otherwise, to induce farmers and other occupiers of land to utilise all available land for the planting of potatoes in order to secure during the coming autumn a further supply of nutritious food for the people?


I think farmers fully appreciate the importance of increasing, if possible, the home-grown supplies of food-stuffs this year, and I doubt whether any action of the kind suggested by the hon. Member is necessary or altogether desirable. But the Board will be glad to supply information and advice to inquirers in regard to potato growing.

23. Mr. LEACH

asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Board of Agriculture the price of flour on 1st January, 1914, and 1st January, 1915, respectively?

The PRESIDENT of the BOARD of TRADE (Mr. Runciman)

The price of English flour in London and Liverpool at or about 1st January this year and last year, as reported in the "Miller," was as follows:—

Prices of Flour per sack of 280 lbs.
January 4th, 1915. January 5th, 1914.
London—No. 1 Town Households, ex-mill, for cash 40s. 6d. 26s. 6d.
December 29th, 1914. January 2nd, 1914.
Liverpool—English make, bakers' 38s. 26s.