HC Deb 17 February 1915 vol 69 cc1120-1
50. Mr. G. TERRELL

asked the Prime Minister whether, for the information of the House, he will cause a statement to be issued showing which of the provisions of the Declaration of Paris, 1856, The Hague Conventions, 1907, and the Declaration of London, 1909, are in full force and binding in the present War; and a further statement of the breaches of the provisions thereof which have been committed by Germany?

51. Mr. NIELD

asked whether, having regard to the manner in which Germany and Austria-Hungary have waged war, he will take steps to ensure that a record be prepared of all acts committed by the enemy since the outbreak of war which are in violation of the accepted principles of international law or constitute breaches of The Hague Conventions, or are acts of piracy, murder, or pillage contrary to the usages of civilised nations at war, or are abuses of the law of nations, whether between belligerents or otherwise; and whether he will cause such evidence as exists in support of these charges to be carefully collected and noted so as to be readily accessible to the Governments of His Majesty and his Allies?


I will see if a statement can be prepared and if it will be useful to publish it.