HC Deb 09 February 1915 vol 69 cc404-5

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer (1) if the Commissioners are aware that a special sub-committee of the London Committee has unanimously advised the appointment of a registrar, but that the committee adjourned on the 27th January for a month without considering the matter; and whether, to avoid results unjust to the medical profession, the Commissioners will send a staff immediately to write up the registers and accounts; (2) if the insurance committees outside, the Metropolis have all been duly formed and are well staffed and working to the satisfaction of the Insurance Commissioners; if the medical registers are kept in good order; and if the various committees are working harmoniously with the medical profession; (3) if the Insurance Commissioners are aware that the work of the London Committee is alleged to be in a state nearly approaching chaos, and that alterations in the personnel of the staff are necessary; whether the committee have seen a report signed by the chairman and deputy-chairman of the committee, the chairman of the general purposes committee, the chairman of the medical benefit, and the chairman of the medical service sub-committees, dated January, 1915; if not, whether they will demand to be supplied with a copy; and will the Commissioners also inquire if a sub-committee sat previously on this subject and suppressed any report of its proceedings, and (4) if the Insurance Commissioners are aware that the London insurance committee, on the 27th January, decided by a majority that the sub-committee on office staff organisation be directed to definitely formulate the exact matters of complaint which the committee have found against the clerk, and to furnish the same to him with this report, and invite the clerk to furnish a reply thereto; and whether, in view of the situation disclosed by this resolution, they will appoint an impartial officer forthwith to investigate all the circumstances so as to prevent injustice being done to any public servant?


The Commissioners understand that the question of staff organisation is still engaging the attention of the insurance committee in question. No conclusions have yet been communicated to the Commissioners, and they are not aware that any occasion has arisen for their intervention at the present stage.


Will not my hon. Friend be a little more definite with regard to printing reports of statistics? I asked if the committee had seen it or obtained a copy.


I will ask my right hon. Friend to inquire.


Unless I can have a definite answer I shall raise it on the Adjournment.