HC Deb 09 February 1915 vol 69 cc391-2
22. Sir J. D. REES

asked the Attorney-General whether the Government can and will proceed under the Defence of the Realm Act against persons who incite soldiers to decline to submit to anti-typhoid inoculation?


This matter is under the consideration of the military authorities.

46. Mr. PETO

asked whether all the officers and men of the Canadian con- tingent were inoculated against typhoid; and whether the inoculation in any case caused fatal or serious illness?


Ninety-five per cent. of all ranks of the Canadian contingent have been inoculated against typhoid. There have been no cases of death or serious illness.

47 Mr. PETO

asked whether vaccination is compulsory in Germany for military and civil population?


Vaccination is compulsory in Germany for the entire population. By a law, passed in 1874, every child within the second year of life must be vaccinated, and every school child within the twelfth year must be re-vaccinated. In addition, all recruits are re-vaccinated on first joining the Army.

48. Mr. PETO

asked whether vaccination and inoculation are compulsory in the United States Army?


Vaccination is compulsory in the United States Army for all recruits on first enlistment, except for those who are pockmarked and those who have good scar evidence of two successful vaccinations, the last not more than six years old, or of one successful vaccination performed within the three previous years. Inoculation has been compulsory in the United States Army since 1910.


Is it the intention of the Department to enforce inoculation on recruits?


That matter is under consideration.

49. Mr. PETO

asked whether any alleged cases of death from inoculation have been investigated, and with what result?


I answered an almost identical question put by the hon. Member yesterday. I know of no other case where any definite connection between death and inoculation can be established.