HC Deb 20 December 1915 vol 77 cc38-9
96. Mr. HINDS

asked the Under-Secretary for War whether he will consider the advisability of increasing the number of Welsh Baptist and Congregational chaplains beyond the present number of five, in view of the number of soldiers belonging to these denominations who desire Welsh-speaking chaplains to minister to them?


I am not quite sure whether my hon. Friend is speaking of the Expeditionary Forces only or whether he has in view also troops at home. If he includes the latter, my information is that the present number of chaplains is seven. The usual practice is to appoint chaplains to all bodies of troops which include a sufficient number of men of the Welsh Baptist and Congregational denominations to justify whole-time appointments. I shall, however, be glad to have a further inquiry made if my hon. Friend will furnish me with definite particulars as to any stations or units which he considers are insufficiently provided with chaplains.