HC Deb 20 December 1915 vol 77 cc4-5

asked the Secretary for Foreign Affairs, adverting to Lord Lansdowne's statement that it was at the instance of the Greek Prime Minister that His Majesty's Government sent troops to Serbia via Salonika, is he aware that M. Venizelos in the Greek Chamber, on 23rd October, stated that the official correspondence concerning the disembarkation of the Anglo-French troops at Salonika proved that such disembarkation had no connection with the question asked by the Greek Government previously of the Powers, whether they were prepared to send 150,000 men to cooperate with the Greek Army against the Bulgarians; whether he is aware that this official correspondence was read to the Greek Chamber; and will he, therefore, see that this correspondence is laid upon the Table so that this House may have the same information as already given to the Greek Chamber?


I have seen a report of the proceedings in the Greek Chamber on 23rd October, from which it appears that M. Venizelos did make a statement to the effect mentioned in the first part of the question and referred to a previous occasion on which he had read from the official correspondence on the subject. What actually was read does not appear, and has not been, as far as I know, published. I am afraid that in the present position of affairs it would be impossible to lay Papers on the Table which would give a complete account of those transactions and an incomplete account would be misleading.


asked whether any definite arrangement has been arrived at as to the number of Greek troops who will be stationed in the Salonika zone?


I am afraid it is not possible to make a statement on this subject at present.