HC Deb 16 September 1914 vol 66 c928

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty if he is aware of the hours worked by the crews of Government tugs, and that these hours in some cases exceed 100 a week; and whether, in view of the risk these men run in going out into the Channel, even at night, in pursuance of the extra duties cast upon them by the War, he can see his way to make better arrangements as to leave and afford them some extra remuneration?


It is the case that at the time of mobilisation, and no doubt on occasion since, the men employed on the yard craft generally have been called upon to work long hours, and I take this opportunity of acknowledging the loyal and zealous way with which they—like all classes of dockyard employés—have responded to the demand made upon them. The Regulations contemplate the grant of extra pay where unusually long hours are worked, and I have no doubt that these Regulations have been and will be kept carefully in mind by those locally responsible for their administration.