HC Deb 10 September 1914 vol 66 c625
16. Mr. PETO

asked the President of the Board of Trade whether the navigating officer of the "Koningin Luise" had been captain of a ship running between Bremen and London and held a pilot's certificate for the Thames; and if so, whether, in view of the extended use of mines against commercial shipping as well as naval shipping in the present war, he will take steps to introduce legislation at an early date to prohibit the granting of pilot's certificates for any port in the British Isles, whether commercial or naval, to any person not of British birth and parentage?


I am making inquiry as regards the first part of the question. As regards the latter part the Admiralty already possesses power under Section 24 of the Pilotage Act, 1913, to make an Order prohibiting the grant of pilotage certificates to alien masters and mates in districts where they think it desirable, and they have made such Orders for the London and several other districts. I do not think that further legislation on the point is necessary.