HC Deb 13 May 1914 vol 62 c1085

asked the total amount estimated to be spent in the cur rent financial year on the construction and maintenance of matériel; how is this sum divided between national dockyards and private contractors; and what is the estimated proportion of the total accounted for by the payment of labour?


It is regretted that it would not be possible to give a satisfactory reply to the question as drawn, and the labour involved in arriving at even an approximate estimate of expenditure under the heads indicated would be out of all proportion to the value of the information to be obtained. If, however, the hon. Member has in mind the estimated expenditure on shipbuilding, repairs and maintenance provided for under Vote 8 of the Navy Estimates, he will find many useful particulars in the programme of shipbuilding printed with the Navy Estimates on pages 180, 181, and following.


Would it not be illuminating and instructive if we could get the cost of the annual overhaul which every ship has to undergo?


I know of no reason to add to the voluminous Returns which are at present published.

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