HC Deb 07 May 1914 vol 62 cc587-8

Order for Second Reading read. Objection taken.


Might I appeal to the hon. Member to allow this Bill to go through? It is merely a Bill to enable hotels, with the approval of the police authorities, to obtain an hour's extension mainly for the purpose of charity balls, and such events, and is not for the purpose of increasing drinking facilities. I am perfectly satisfied that what he fears is not likely to happen, I gratefully acknowledge that the hon. Member has supported Home Rule all through, and I would ask him to let us have this little instalment now. It would be very unfortunate if, when the hon. Member came over to visit us on the occasion of the opening of our Parliament, we could not extend to him the hospitality which we should naturally desire.


When you get Home Rule you can do as you like, but at present I must object.


Might I, as one who has always opposed Home Rule, appeal to the hon. Member to assist us by allowing this small measure to pass?

Objection again taken.

Second Reading deferred until tomorrow (Friday).

The Remaining Orders were read, and postponed.