HC Deb 30 March 1914 vol 60 cc817-8

asked the President of the Board of Trade what is the average weekly wage of agricultural labourers, both including free cottages and other payments in kind and without, in Oxfordshire and Norfolk, respectively; and if he can say what is the highest and the lowest weekly wage paid for agricultural adult labour, without any allowances for cottage rent or other benefits, in Oxfordshire, Norfolk and Somerset?


Full information as to the total earnings of agricultural labourers, including free cottages and other payments in kind, was obtained in 1907 and published in Cd. 5460. The average earnings in a full week at that time for ordinary adult agricultural labourers was 14s. 11d. in Oxfordshire, 15s. 4d. in Norfolk, and 17s. 3d. in Somerset. The corresponding average weekly cash rates, exclusive of all extra payments and allowances, were 13s., 12s. 7d., and 14s. 1d., respectively. Since 1907 there has been an upward movement in wages, and the most usual cash rates (exclusive of extra earnings and allowances) are now from 13s. to 14s. in Oxfordshire, 14s. in Norfolk, and 14s. to 17s. in Somerset. Particulars as to the extra earnings and allowances at the present time are not available.