HC Deb 26 March 1914 vol 60 c534

asked the Prime Minister whether he will follow the Australian precedent and forthwith set up a Convention consisting of representative men charged with the duty of framing a Federal Constitution for the United Kingdom; and whether he will approach the official Opposition, with a view to their co-operation in such a Convention, and in return agree to the exclusion of an area in Ulster, to be agreed upon, pending the report upon and consummation of such Federal Constitution?


The Prime Minister cannot undertake to deal with a matter of this importance in answer to a question. I would refer my hon. Friend to the reply given yesterday by the Prime Minister to the hon. Member for Glasgow and Aberdeen Universities.

Mr. AMERY rose


I must ask hon. Members to revert to the old rule of not asking supplementary questions.


On a point of Order. May I ask whether this is now to apply to the House altogether, or whether I, in particular, am not to ask supplementary questions?


The hon. Member does not suppose, does he, that I am making any particular distinction against him? If he supposes anything of the sort, he is perfectly wrong. As a matter of fact, I stopped, I think, three or four hon. Members, and said that I thought the time had arrived when we might revert to the old rule of not having supplementary questions. I will add, unless it is to clear up some point which is left doubtful by the Minister.