HC Deb 25 March 1914 vol 60 cc366-7

asked whether the Government workers at the Royal Veterinary College have modified the prescription of or, in the opinion of his expert advisers, in any way improved upon the vaccine which, as the result of the discoveries of Dr. F. W. Twort and Mr. G. L. Y. Ingram, was prepared two years ago for the diagnosis of Johne's disease, and, if so, in what respect; and whether he will consider the desirability of calling the test substance prepared at the college Johnein, after the discoverer of the bacillus, rather than Johnin, which conveys a wrong impression of its origin?


I am advised that the question whether a reliable test agent for the diagnosis of Johne's disease has been discovered is still doubtful. The results of the investigation undertaken on behalf of the Board by the Royal Veterinary College will be published when the facts have been sufficiently ascertained. The nomenclature of scientific discoveries is not under my control, but I will convey the hon. Gentleman's suggestion to the authors of the word "Johnin."


In fairness to these two discoverers, will the right hon. Gentleman authorise the Government investigators to take these two gentlemen into their confidence?


The position of those two gentlemen has often been discussed in this House, and I am afraid I can add nothing to the information already given.