HC Deb 29 June 1914 vol 64 c10
13. Mr. KING

asked whether any attempt has been made to acquire oak for the restoration of Westminster Hall from an hon. Member of this House; whether negotiations fell through owing to the liability of a Member of Parliament to vacate his seat if he enters into any contract with the Government; and whether any difficulty has been experienced in obtaining good oak timber for this restoration?


The First Commissioner would refer the hon. Member to the explanation of the difficulty of obtaining a proper supply of oak given on pages 43–44 of Cd. 7436. The estate in Sussex there mentioned is the private property of a Member of this House. Consideration is still being given to the whole question.


Would it be possible if this transaction in reference to the timber were carried through to pass an indemnity Bill for the hon. Member?


I am still making inquiries as to whether it would be possible to obtain trees.


Could not the hon. Member who owns the timber solve the difficulty by presenting the trees?