HC Deb 31 July 1914 vol 65 c1699

Sir Daniel Goddard reported from the Committee of Selection; That they had discharged the following Member from Standing Committee B (in respect of the Inebriates Bill): Mr. John Robertson; and had appointed in substitution (in respect of the said Bill): Mr. Ellis Griffith.

Sir Daniel Goddard further reported from the Committee; That they had added to Standing Committee B the following Fourteen Members (in respect of the Inebriates Bill): Sir William Ryland Adkins, Mr. Barnston, Mr. Charles Bathurst, Mr. Bridgeman, Mr. Cawley, Mr. Crumley, Mr. Goldsmith, Mr. Molloy, Mr. Pratt, Mr. Jonathan Samuel, Mr. Sherwell, Mr. Wedgwood, Major Willoughby, and Viscount Wolmer.

Reports to lie upon the Table.