HC Deb 28 July 1914 vol 65 cc1125-6

I desire to mention a personal matter arising out of the Debate last night. When the Prime Minister, in the course of his speech, was talking about the Minute written by Sir James Dougherty, I interjected a question, which I did not intend to be discourteous, to ask when it was written. The Prime Minister then said that was a disgraceful insinuation. Later, when he gave way courteously to me, in order to enable me to explain what I meant by the question, I understood the Prime Minister to withdraw his allegation that it was a disgraceful insinuation. I find no report of that withdrawal either in the OFFICIAL REPORT or in the newspapers, and I desire to ask the Prime Minister if it is not the fact that he withdrew the allegation?


That is so. It was a misunderstanding between the Noble Lord and myself. I thought he was referring to a totally different point, and I withdrew what I said.