HC Deb 27 July 1914 vol 65 c925
60. Mr. BARNES

asked the Secretary for Scotland, if he is aware of the conditions of housing and sanitation on the Drumtogh fruit farm, Auchterarder; is he aware that 500 people are provided only with 176 beds, placed on the floors of barns and stables, that there is no medical or other examination of persons employed, many of whom are obviously suffering from diseases, that the sanitary arrangements are quite inadequate, the pails used for rasps by day being used as commodes in the bothies by night; is he aware that, although the farm is in telephonic communication with the Labour Exchange in Glasgow and Stirling, the officers of those exchanges sent to the farm on Monday the 20th instant an additional fifty persons (some of whom were children), for whom there was no sleeping accommodation whatever; and will he say if there are, any medical or other inspectors or authorities under his control who can insist, in the interests of the community, upon some regard being had for decency and safety?


As this question only appeared on the Paper on Saturday, I have not had time to obtain information as to the statements contained in it, but I am making inquiries.

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