HC Deb 23 July 1914 vol 65 c638

asked the Home Secretary whether he has seen the result of the proceedings against the Senghenydd colliery manager in connection with the recent disaster there; and whether, as a result of the evidence given and the findings of the court, it is proposed to withdraw the manager's certificate?


I have had the report of the proceedings before me with a view to considering whether there should be an appeal against the decision of the magistrates in dismissing some of the charges; but I have not yet had time to consider the question of whether the evidence shows such gross misconduct on the manager's part as to constitute a primâ facie case for the cancellation of his certificate. I have myself no power to withdraw the certificate. All I can do is to set up a special tribunal under Section 11 of the Act to inquire into the question, and I cannot do this unless I am satisfied that there is a strong primâ facie case This matter is now under consideration.


May I ask if the Home Secretary has taken into account the fact that eleven years ago an explosion occurred in this particular colliery, and whether the fact of two explosions having occurred with disastrous results is not sufficient to warrant the setting up of a special tribunal to inquire into the matter?


That would certainly be a matter that would have to be taken; into account.