HC Deb 16 July 1914 vol 64 c2084

asked the Chief Secretary on what authority, and with whose concurrence, the proposed scheme for the application of the teachers' salaries Grant under the Intermediate Education (Ireland) Bill has been issued; whether the intermediate teachers have been consulted with reference to it; and whether teachers who have worked under the Intermediate Education Board during the past year only will be placed on the register as the Bill provides, or deprived of their living as the scheme provides?


The scheme for the distribution of the teachers' salaries Grant will be made by the Lord Lieutenant. The document to which the hon. Member refers was merely an outline indicating the main principles on which it is proposed to frame the scheme, and was prepared by me after careful consideration of representations made on behalf of both teachers and masters; but the scheme was submitted by me as an indication of the lines on which the actual scheme would be framed, and there will be ample opportunity to consider and deal with any alterations which may be suggested in this House or elsewhere. The assumption of the hon. Member in the last paragraph is quite unfounded.


Will the scheme stand as presented to the House?


No; probably not.