HC Deb 07 July 1914 vol 64 cc1056-8

I beg to move:

"That an humble Address be presented to His Majesty praying him to withhold his assent to the scheme contained in the Provisional Regulations, dated the 9th day of June, 1914, proposed to be made by the National Health Joint Committee, entitled the National Insurance (Arrears) Amendment Regulations, 1914."

I must apologise to the House for bringing this subject on at such a late hour, but it is not my fault. I have only three days more in which I can put the Motion on the Paper and probably we shall be equally late to-morrow and the day after to-morrow, otherwise I should be willing to postpone the Motion. These Regulations have been issued by the Insurance Commissioners as the result of a Clause passed last year in Committee upstairs on the National Insurance Act (Amendment) Bill.

Mr. WEDGWOOD BENN (Lord of the Treasury)

The hon. Member appears to be addressing himself to Regulations which refer to arrears of employed contributors. These Regulations have not yet been made or laid before the House. The Regulations which have been laid refer to married women contributors and therefore I claim that the hon. Member is not in order.

Mr. DEPUTY-SPEAKER (Mr. Maclean)

If that be so the remarks of the hon. Member are not in order.


On a point of Order. Would it not be better to hear what the hon. Member has to say?


The Regulations to which the hon. Member referred were, he said, made as the result of a Clause which was inserted in the Bill of last year, which made an Amendment of the principal Act of 1911, therefore I submit that he is not in order.


I think the House ought to know what Regulations the hon. Gentleman refers to. Does the hon. Gentleman who represents the Insurance Commissioners say that the Draft Regulations which have undoubtedly been framed—I have a copy in my hand—relating to arrears of employed contributors have not been published? Does he say hat these Provisional Regulations have not been laid before the House?


These Regulations have not been laid before the House, and consequently any remarks with reference to them are not in order. When they are laid before the House the hon. Member will have twenty-one days in which to take objection.


I do not think it necessary to detain the House on the subject. The Government have issued an explanatory Memorandum of the scheme embodied in these Draft Regulations in respect to the benefits of employed contributors. I have the Draft Regulations here.


I submit that the hon. Gentleman is not in order. He is moving an Address in respect to certain Regulations laid before this House and he asks that they should be annulled. They have not been laid before the House, and therefore he is not in order.

Major J. A. HOPE

Will they not have legal affect?


The hon. Gentleman who made this Motion has heard what the Minister representing the Insurance Commissioners has said. Will he address his remarks to what has been said as to whether these Regulations have or have not been laid upon the Table of the House. If he agrees with the hon. Gentleman that he proposes to deal with Draft Regulations which have not yet been laid upon the Table of the House then it is no use pursuing the matter at present.


If the hon. Gentleman tells me that no Regulations have been laid on the table with regard to the arrears of employed contributors in pursuance of the Clause passed last year in Committee upstairs on the Amending Bill—if he gives me that definite assurance then I will not press the matter.


I give the hon. Gentleman that assurance.

It being after half-past Eleven of the clock upon Tuesday evening, Mr. DEPUTY-SPEAKER adjourned the House without Question put, pursuant to the Standing Order.

Adjourned at Nineteen minutes before One a.m. on Wednesday, 8th July.