HC Deb 27 August 1914 vol 66 cc165-6

asked the President of the Local Government Board whether in some cases the families of soldiers and sailors, being unable to obtain the allowances due to them, have been obliged to ask for Poor Law relief; and, if so, whether he can take any action in the matter?


It is the case that, owing to the organisation for the payment of the allowances not being complete in all places at the time of mobilisation, and to the fact that in some cases there was no time for the men to make allotments, in a comparatively small number of instances the wives and children of men who had been called up were compelled by their immediate needs to ask for relief from the Poor Law. Steps were at once taken by the Prince of Wales's Fund, in co-operation with the Soldiers' and Sailors' Families Association, and by the local committees for the prevention and relief of distress, to make good the defects, and there is reason to believe that the arrangements have for some time been satisfactory. It is clearly undesirable that these families should be recorded as having received Poor Law relief, and the Committee of the Prince of Wales's Fund have therefore been asked for a grant, which will not need to be of large amount, to enable the sums so paid by the boards of guardians to be repaid to them. The Committee have authorised a grant to be made for this purpose. I am arranging that when the money has by this means been repaid, each of the women concerned shall be informed that this has been done and that the record of her having received Poor Law relief will be erased.

102. Mr. HUNT

asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Board of Agriculture whether, in view of the fact that the wives and children of men lost in the War will have to be provided for by the country, he could say whether they could be put in the country cottages now about to be built, and the children regularly instructed in agriculture; and whether large gardens could be attached to the cottages?


I will bear in mind the suggestions put forward by the hon. Member.