HC Deb 25 August 1914 vol 66 cc20-1

I have to inform the House that since the House adjourned, I have received a telegram from the President of the Imperial Duma of Russia, M. Michel de Rodzianko, which I should like to read to the House:—

"August, 10th, 1914.

"The Duma of the Empire, assembled in extraordinary Session, in view of the exceptional events passing in the civilised world, begs the House of Commons of Great Britain to accept their warm and sincere greeting in the name of the sentiments of profound friendship which unite our two great nations. The whole of Russia has welcomed with enthusiasm the resolution of the British people to give their powerful support to the friendly nations in the historic struggle which is developing at this moment. May God bless the arms of the friendly nations of the Triple Entente. Long live His Majesty King George and his valiant Fleet and Army! Long live the British Parliament! Long live Great Britain."

In reply I sent the following telegram:—"

"I hasten to thank you warmly for the telegram in which you have been good enough to convey to me the sentiments of friendship which the Duma of the Empire has expressed towards the House of Commons.

"As soon as the House meets again, towards the end of this month, I shall not fail to inform it of this graceful manifestation of the cordial relations which so happily exist between our two countries."