HC Deb 25 August 1914 vol 66 c18

I beg to ask the President of the Board of Trade whether, considering a statement in the "Birmingham Daily Post" of 20th August, that "… the price of ferro-manganese is $100 to $150 per ton at" Baltimore, and they are expecting shipment from this country to relieve the tension," and that the price for this article in England has advanced during the last ten days from £8 5s. to £12 per ton, and considering that ferro-manganese is absolutely essential to the manufacture of all classes of steel for guns, gun-carriages, armour plate, etc.; and considering the great temptation to English ferro-manganese makers to export this most necessary article owing to the difference in price between the two countries, namely, £12 as against £30 per ton, if he will consider the advisability of prohibiting the export of this most essential article from this country?


By a Proclamation dated the 5th August, issued under the Exportation of Arms Act, 1900, manganese (including ferro-manganese) is prohibited to be exported from the United Kingdom to foreign ports in Europe and on the Mediterranean and Black Seas, with the exception of those of France, Russia (other than Baltic ports), Spain and Portugal. The question of extending the prohibition so as to cover exports to all destinations will be considered.