HC Deb 10 August 1914 vol 65 cc2265-6

May I ask the Home Secretary whether he has taken any steps for the release for women suffragists who are now undergoing terms of imprisonment in this country?


I have advised His Majesty to remit the remainder of the sentences of all persons now undergoing terms of imprisonment for crimes committed in connection with the suffrage agitation. This course has been taken without solicitation on their part, and without requiring any undertaking from them. I have also advised His Majesty to remit the sentences of all persons convicted of assaults, and other offences, in connection with recent strikes. His Majesty is confident that the prisoners of both classes will respond to the feelings of their countrymen and countrywomen in this time of emergency, and that they may be trusted not to stain the causes they have at heart by any further crime or disorder.


May I ask the Secretary for Scotland if he can make any similar statement as regards Scotland?

The SECRETARY for SCOTLAND (Mr. McKinnon Wood)

Yes, Sir, I propose to follow the same course as my right hon. Friend.

Sir J. D. REES

May I ask the Prime Minister whether he will consider the advisability of retaining in this country some 1,400 officers who are not so much required at present in India, to which they are under immediate orders to return?


That does not arise out of the question at all. Lord Kitchener is giving careful attention to all these matters.