HC Deb 07 August 1914 vol 65 c2189

Order read for consideration as Amended (in the Standing Committee).


Monday next.


As one of the promoters of this Bill, I desire to acknowledge the help which Members on both sides of the House rendered when the Bill was considered in Grand Committee. It then passed without a division, and since then a petition has been sent to the Prime Minister asking that it be allowed to be starred as a Government measure, and that it might be regarded as non-controversial. Hon. Members on the other side are equally interested in the passing of the Bill as those of us on this side, and I now ask that it may be allowed to pass.


I join in the appeal of the hon. Member.


I understand that several hon. Members have objections to certain parts of this Bill and were given to understand that it would not be taken to-day, and had gone away; therefore, although I say nothing against the Bill, I must ask that it be put off until Monday.

Consideration of Bill deferred till Monday next.