HC Deb 06 August 1914 vol 65 cc2139-40

1. A local authority may take such steps as they think fit for the provision of meals for children in attendance at any national school in their area, and for that purpose—

  1. (a) may associate with themselves any committee on which the local authority are represented which will undertake to provide food for those children (in this Act called a "school meals committee"); and
  2. (b) may aid that committee by furnishing such building, furniture, and apparatus, and such officers and 2140 servants as may be necessary for the organisation, preparation, and service of such meals;
but, save as herin-after provided, the local authority shall not incur any expense in respect of the purchase of food to be supplied at such meals.

Amendment made: At the end of the Clause insert the words "Meals may be provided under this Act both on days when school meets and on other days."—[Mr. Lardner.]