HC Deb 05 August 1914 vol 65 c2006

(11) With respect to the granting of certificates of registration in the year nineteen hundred and fifteen the following provisions shall take effect (that is to say):—

  1. (a) A person carrying on the trade of dairyman without a certificate of registration under this Section shall not be guilty of an offence thereunder prior to the twenty-eighth day of May, nineteen hundred and fifteen;
  2. (b) An application for a certificate of registration may be lodged with the local authority at any time after the passing of this Act, and the local authority shall immediately after receiving such application have power to obtain the necessary reports on the premises of the applicant, provided that any such application lodged before the first day of January, nineteen hundred and fifteen, shall, for the purposes of this Section, be deemed to have been lodged on that day, and the local authority shall not be bound to intimate their decision to the applicant within a less period than three months after that day.

Amendment made: In Sub-section (1), paragraph (a), at end add the words, "or such later date as the Board may by order appoint,"—[Mr. Watson.]