HC Deb 29 April 1914 vol 61 c1717

On a point of Order. I want to ask your ruling with regard to the private Members' time this evening. My hon. Friend the Member for Sheffield (Mr. James Hope) has a notice down for the presentation of a Bill for the acquisition of land. If he presents that Bill, will it prevent the Resolution with reference to the ownership of land that is down for 8.15 this evening being discussed?


Before you answer that point of Order—it was my intention to ask a question with regard to my own Resolution—may I point out to you that my Resolution covers a great deal more than is in the Bill? My Resolution covers the public ownership of land generally, and it would be possible to speak quite appropriately for a considerable time on the public ownership of land without in any way touching the question of the acquisition of land.


Before you answer, I would save time by saying that I understand that the Prime Minister has promised to put down as the first Order on an early day the Resolution with regard to the whole of this subject in respect of which my notice was a protest. Under these circumstances, I do not propose to proceed with my notice on this occasion.