HC Deb 24 April 1914 vol 61 c1302

Established Church (Wales) Bill—Petitions against, from Abbey Town, Aikton, Ainstable, Appleby (two), Arlecdon, Blencow, Burgh by Sands, Carlisle, Dacre (two), Ivegill, Levens, Matterdale, Mealsgate, Micklethwaite, Mungrisdale, Nether Denton, Newbiggin, Newton Arlesh, Penruddock, Pooley, Red Hills, Soulby, Stainton, and Wigton.

Sale of Intoxicating Liquors on Sunday Bill—Petitions in favour from Bath, Bootle, and Rochdale.

Weekly Rest-Day Bill—Nine Petitions from Hartlepool, in favour.

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