HC Deb 29 May 1913 vol 53 cc301-2

asked whether the Coolavokig, Macroom, national school is still daily protected by a large force of constabulary; what has been the average attendance of pupils since the reopening of the school, and how many families do they represent; whether he is aware that there were eighty-five children on the rolls prior to the recent dispute; whether the state of local feeling is actively hostile to the present teacher owing to the circumstances under which her appointment was made and to the subsequent police proceedings against a large number of the residents of the district; and whether the Commissioners of National Education will take into account these considerations and endeavour to make some arrangements whereby the educational interests of the locality will not be continuously neglected?


The Commissioners of National Education inform me that this national school and the teacher have been under police protection since the school reopened on the 21st April last. The average daily attendance of pupils from the reopening of the school to 7th May was thirteen. The Commissioners have no information as to the number of families represented by these pupils. There were eighty-five pupils on the rolls prior to the closing of the school. The Commissioners see no reason for interfering with the discretion of the manager in regard to the selection of a teacher in this case.


asked whether any payment has been made or ordered by the Commissioners of National Education in respect of the six months' salary now due to Mrs. Mary Galvin, assistant teacher, Coolavokig school, Macroom; if not, can the right hon. Gentleman explain the cause of the delay, and, having regard to the hardship caused by the withholding of her salary, will steps be taken to have it paid forthwith; and what is the cause of the delay in having payment made of capitation and bonus due since 31st March to Patrick Galvin, late principal teacher of this school?


The Commissioners of National Education inform me that money orders for the amounts due to Mr. Patrick Galvin and Mrs. Mary Galvin, formerly teachers in this school, will be forwarded to the manager on the 3rd proximo. The delay is due to the fact that the necessary particlulars as to average attendance and other matters were not received until the 28th instant, and in the case of Mrs. Galvin it was necessary to apply to the Treasury for special sanction for payment of her salary for the period during which the school was closed.