HC Deb 27 May 1913 vol 53 cc1-2

Private Bill Petitions [Lords] (Standing Orders not complied with),—Mr. SPEAKER laid upon the Table Report from one of the Examiners of Petitions for Private Bills, that, in the case of the Petition for the following Bill, originating in the Lords, the Standing Orders have not been complied with, namely:—

Kent Electric Power [Lords]

Ordered, that the Report be referred to the Select Committee on Standing Orders.

Bishop's Waltham Water Bill,

Chesterfield Corporation Railless Traction Bill,

Southport Corporation Bill,

Westgate and Birchington Gas and Electricity Bill,

Read the third time, and passed.

Derby Corporation Bill,

As amended, to be considered To-morrow.

Humber Commercial Railway and Dock Bill,

Metropolitan Electric Tramways (Railless Traction) Bill,

Mid Kent and East Kent District Water Bill,

As amended, considered; to be read the third time.

Rhondda Tramways (Railless Traction) Bill,

As amended, considered; Amendments made; Bill to be read the third time.

London County Council (Money) Bill,

North Eastern Railway Bill [Lords],

To be read a second time To-morrow.

Redcar, Coatham, Marske, and Saltburn Gas Bill [Lords],

Read a second time, and committed.

Swansea Harbour Bill [Lords],

To be read a second time To-morrow.

Southampton Harbour Bill (by Order),

Consideration, as amended, deferred till To-morrow.

Local Government Provisional Order (Gas) Bill,

Second Reading deferred till Tomorrow.

Local Government Provisional Orders (No. 6) Bill,

Read a second time, and committed.

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