HC Deb 08 May 1913 vol 52 cc2198-9

Return ordered "showing the number of Staff employed and the amount of Salaries and Wages, respectively, paid by the several Railway Companies of the United Kingdom in each of the weeks ended the 10th day of February, the 18th day of May, the 31st day of August, and the 7th day of December, 1912, in each of the following departments, namely, way and works; Working stock maintenance; (a) locomotive, (b) carriage and wagon; operating and traffic: (a) locomotive, (b) traffic—(1) superinten- dence, (2) station masters and clerks, (3), signalmen and gatemen, (4) ticket collectors, policemen, porters, etc., (5) guards, (6) collection and delivery of parcels and goods; general (secretary, general manager, accountant, and clerks)."—[Mr. J. M. Robertson.]