HC Deb 08 May 1913 vol 52 cc2204-5

asked whether, as a result of the National Insurance Act, the North London district of the Manchester Unity of Oddfellows have found it necessary, in order to continue medical benefit for members not falling under the Act, to form a special medical fund, the contributions to which are 8s. 8d. a year, or double the amount charged to members for medical benefit prior to the passing of the National Insurance Act?


I am not informed of the arrangements which particular societies, or local branches of societies, make for the medical attendance of those of their members who are not insured under the Insurance Act. As I have often stated, I cannot understand why the fact that doctors are receiving an additional Grant in respect of insured members should make them demand not only the increase of about 50 per cent. (which societies are generally prepared to give), but an increase of 100 per cent. in the rates they have hitherto been receiving for those of their old patients who are not insured, and whose medical attendance is therefore a charge falling either upon the private funds of their societies at the expense of their other benefits or directly upon themselves.

17. Mr. F. HALL

asked the Secretary to the Treasury if an agreement has been arrived at by the doctors in the Salford district for the provision of medical benefit under the National Insurance Act, by which all the qualified medical men in the district are on the panel, the insurance funds being distributed through a committee of doctors on the basis of medical services actually rendered; if this arrangement is working satisfactorily, both as regards the insured persons and the doctors themselves; and if he will consider as to extending the Salford system to other districts where at present there are not sufficient capable doctors properly to look after the health of the large number of patients allotted to them?


The Salford Insurance Committee have adopted a method of payment by attendance, which is one of the alternative methods of remuneration prescribed by the Regulations. I am informed that the arrangement is working satisfactorily. It is open to any insurance committee to adopt this method of payment, but except in one or two areas the doctors, who were in all cases consulted by the insurance committees, have prepared a system of payment either in whole or in part by capitation.