HC Deb 27 March 1913 vol 50 cc1859-60

I wish to ask you, Mr. Speaker, a question on procedure, namely, whether there is any precedent for Mr. Speaker or the Chairman of Committees, after having given his decision, and after having stated that it is not in his power to go back upon it, reversing that?


I understand that the object of the hon. Member is to get me to make some pronouncement as to what occurred in Committee yesterday. That I must most respectfully decline to do. I am not a Court of Appeal from what occurs in Committee. The Committee is master in its own house. The Chairman of Committees is responsible for the Committee, and there is no appeal from him to me. If the hon. Member puts to me a general question as to what the rule is with regard to allowing debate after the collection of voices, then I can tell him by simply making a general statement. It is, of course, that after the voices have been collected from both sides, no debate can be resumed or can be begun. In each case it must depend upon the particular circumstances of the exact period at which the hon. Member rises who wishes to continue the debate. As to that, either the Chairman of Committees or I, whichever happens to be in the Chair, have to judge on that particular occasion. I am afraid I cannot assist the hon. Member any further.