HC Deb 25 March 1913 vol 50 cc1481-2

asked what are the average attendances at the Church and council schools at Llansanna and Llanhary, respectively; what is the staff existing or advertised for at each school; and what salary is each member of the staff receiving?


Owing to the holidays it has not been possible to obtain the information asked for by the hon. Member, but inquiry will be made as soon as the schools are reopened after the Easter holidays. Perhaps the hon. Member will put down his question again in a few days.


asked whether on 6th December the Board addressed a letter to the Glamorgan Local Education Authority conveying the determination under Section 7 (3) of the Education Act of 1902 that the requirements made by the local education authority in the case of the Llansannor Church school in April, 1912, upon the managers were not such as might reasonably be made; that they further stated that, in these circumstances, the local education authority were still under the obligation to maintain the Church school if the managers reopened it; and that the Law Officers advised that, if the local education authority failed to perform their duty of maintenance, and if the school managers had for the purpose of maintenance incurred expenses for which provision should have been made by the local education authority, the Board might exercise their powers under the Default Act of 1904; whether the Board on 6th December required the authority without delay to make the necessary arrangements with a view to reopening the school; whether, nevertheless, the local education authority has so far failed to recognise its liability to maintain the school and have not sent any school material or paid any salaries, the charge for which has had to be borne by the managers; and how long the Glamorgan Local Education Authority is to be permitted to treat this small village school in this way?


The Board were informed on the 12th March that the authority had agreed to the appointment of a certificated teacher, and had ordered a supply of school material for the school referred to. The managers were informed by the Board of the authority's action on the 14th March and advised to submit to the local authority any claim in respect of the maintenance of the school. The school will be inspected after its reopening at the end of the Easter holidays, and the Board will, of course, satisfy themselves that it is adequately staffed and equipped.


Will the hon. Gentleman say whether or not any of the arrears have been paid to the school?


I do not know about that, but I am about to obtain the information.