HC Deb 11 March 1913 vol 50 cc77-8

I beg to move, "That no Bills, other than Government Bills, be introduced in anticipation of the ballot, and that all Members who desire to ballot, whether for Bills or for Motions for Tuesday 18th March, Wednesday, 19th March, Wednesday, 26th March, and Wednesday, 2nd April, do hand in their names at the Table during the Sitting of the House on Monday, 10th March, or Tuesday, 11th March, and that a copy of the Notice of such Bill or Motion be handed in at the latest during the sitting of the House on Wednesday, 12th March:

That the ballot for the precedence of the said Bills and Motions be taken on Wednesday, 12th March, at a convenient time and place, to be appointed by Mr. Speaker, and that the presentation of Bills on Thursday, 13th March, be taken immediately after questions."


I should like to point out to the Prime Minister that this Motion seems to have been framed before his decision just announced was taken. It contemplates private Members have certain advantages which really they do not enjoy. Under the circumstances, will the Prime Minister consider—I will not ask for a promise now—the advisability, when some Bill other than the Women's Franchise Bill, which obviously has the support of the House, and has made much progress in the Fridays before Whitsuntide, of giving facilities for it later? Private Members have hardly any chance of doing anything useful in the way of Bill or Motion, and I think it is right that they ought to be encouraged to exercise their rights.


The Government, in making this Motion, have not yet taken the time of the House; we do not know whether the House will give us the time, and if it did not, this Motion must be carried, and the ordinary results would follow. With regard to the Fridays, private Members would have six Fridays before Whitsuntide if this Motion is carried.

Question put, and agreed to.