HC Deb 24 June 1913 vol 54 c969
48. Major HOPE

asked the Secretary to the Treasury if he can now state the amount of the sum which is to be granted for providing improved medical and nursing services for uninsured persons in the Highlands and Islands as recommended by the Medical Service Committee; and if he has come to an agreement as to whether the Insurance Commissioners or the Scottish Local Government Board shall administer this Grant?


Under the arrangements proposed, the expenditure in respect of insured persons and non-insured persons will be met from a common fund made up of the moneys available under the National Insurance Act for medical benefit—the extra Parliamentary Grant-in-Aid of that benefit, and the proposed special Highands and Islands Medical Service Grant of £42,000 per annum. It will not be possible to estimate beforehand what proportions of the total fund will be required for insured persons and non-insured persons, respectively, but when some experience has been gained, the approximate expenditure in respect of each class can no doubt be ascertained. It is proposed that the new Grant should be administered by a Joint Committee of the several Government Departments concerned, in accordance with the Report of the Departmental Committee.