HC Deb 16 June 1913 vol 54 cc24-5

asked the Postmaster General if the postal telegraph messenger boys of 13 years of age are compelled to use bicycles weighing 37 pounds with a pedal, in many cases, 1 inch longer than the reach of their legs when the saddle is at its lowest point; if the danger to the health of those boys by such practice 'has been continuously brought under the notice of the authorities in London by one of the medical officers for some months past; if such representation has resulted in a pointblank refusal to supply a more suitable machine; and if this decision has been come to with the approval of the senior and second medical officers to the General Post Office?

The POSTMASTER-GENERAL (Mr. Herbert Samuel)

The question of the weight and build of the cycles used by telegraph boy messengers in the Post Office has received very full consideration; and I am advised that the present type of machine is suitable in all respects, and is as light as is compatible with safety and durability. I am not aware that injury to the health of boy messengers has resulted from the use of this type of cycle. There are standing instructions that the saddles are to be carefully adjusted before the cycles are used. It is true that representations were made by one Post Office medical officer concerning the weight and build of a cycle used by boy messengers in his district; but the chief and second medical officers to the Post Office, who have seen the medical officer's representations and the reports on the local inquiry which was held in the matter, are satisfied that the cycles are of a suitable build and weight.