HC Deb 16 June 1913 vol 54 cc39-40

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland if he will state the name of the pension officer who appealed against the old age pension of 5s. a week voted by the Delvin sub-committee to Widow Mary Muldoon, No. 934 on the officer's register, holder of a farm stocked only with one ass and one goat and yielding only :5 for sale of produce last year; if he will state the details of which the officer made up an income to disqualify this woman; whether the officer's experience includes making a living by land of this class; and whether the Local Government Board will have his valuation in this case tested by an inspector, any local valuer, or a valuer from the Estates Commissioners?


Pension officers are not under the control of the Local Government Board, and they cannot, therefore, state the name of the officer referred to; nor have they any information as to his experience in the matter of estimating the value of farms; but, in any case, they form their own estimate independently on the facts as reported to them. The hon. Member appears to be under a misapprehension as to the stock on the claimant's farm, which, in addition to pigs and fowl belonging to the claimant, consisted of seven head of cattle belonging to neighbours, who paid about :15 a year for the grazing. Claimant also receives about 4210 a year for hay, and has one acre of land under potatoes, one acre under oats, and one rood of turnips. As the case has been decided, the Board have no authority to make the further inquiries suggested.


If a fresh claim is made will the case be reconsidered and this woman's property valued by a competent man?


Certainly, if a fresh claim is made we will go into the matter all over again.