HC Deb 16 June 1913 vol 54 cc16-7

asked the Secretary to the Treasury whether he has yet had an opportunity of testing the complaints of the secretary of the Sheffield district of the Ancient Order of Foresters and of a court secretary as to the action of a State auditor in disallowing and objecting to items in the accounts representing sums paid to officers of branches under resolutions of members for work performed in administering the National Insurance Act?


The hon. Member has sent me an extract from a letter addressed by a secretary of the Sheffield district of the society named to the "Foresters Miscellany," and a copy of a further letter appearing in the same magazine over the anonymous signature "Court Secretary." The purport of the former is not to complain of the action of the auditors, but to criticise the effect of certain provisions of the rules of the society. This is evident from a part of the letter, omitted from the extract forwarded by the hon. Member, in which the writers advises an amendment of the rules. With regard to the latter letter, I can only remark that, while some of its Statements are obviously inaccurate, I am unable to examine in detail complaints made anonymously.


Will the right hon. Gentleman be prepared to accept further correspondence on the subject?


I am always delighted to have fresh information on all topics.