HC Deb 12 June 1913 vol 53 cc1758-9

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether any offer of mediation has been made by the Great Powers in regard to the subjects of difference between the Balkan Allies; and, if not, whether His Majesty's Government will consider the desirability of making an offer of mediation, with a view to the interests of European peace and the economic prosperity of the Balkan States?


My hon. Friend has no doubt seen in the Press that under a treaty between Bulgaria and Servia there is provision for the submission of certain differences to the arbitration of Russia. He will also have seen the appeal and the warning addressed by the Emperor of Russia to the Kings of Bulgaria and Servia. It is most earnestly to be hoped that the advice thus given may be accepted. It is impossible to express too strongly the feelings of disappointment and disapproval with which an outbreak of war between the Balkan States, so lately Allies, would be regarded by public opinion generally. It would alienate all the sympathy in Europe which has hitherto been an important contributory factor in securing an attitude of neutrality and noninterference on the part of the Great Powers, and the Balkan States must themselves be aware that if they were to fight with each other respecting the fruits of victory, they might risk what they have hitherto gained in the war with Turkey.