HC Deb 10 June 1913 vol 53 cc1435-6
76. Mr. HORNER

asked the Secretary to the Treasury if he is aware that the net deficit of £5,300 on the working of Kingstown Harbour for the last year for which figures are available arose from the fact that masters of vessels were allowed to pay an annual composition under the Act 32 Geo. III., c. 35, instead of dues in accordance with the published Schedule; is he aware that this practice still prevails; is he aware that the Act 32 Geo. III., c. 35, by its 38th Section, empowered the corporation for improving the Port of Dublin to allow masters of vessels carrying passengers only to sail to and from the harbour for one year on payment of a sum equivalent to the dues chargeable for six voyages, and that Section 3 of the Act of 6 and 7 Will. IV., c. 117, conferred the same power on the Commissioners of Kingstown Harbour, but that the latter Act, so far as it relates to dues to be charged by the Commissioners of Kingstown Harbour, was repealed by Section of the Act of 1 and 2 Vic., c. 36, which Act provided by Section 2 that the Commissioners of Kingstown Harbour should charge the same rates and dues as are charged in the Port of Dublin, and that that Act 32 Geo. III., c. 35, was repealed by the Dublin Port Act, 1869, and consequently the right to compound no longer exists; and, in these circumstances, will he state what justification there is for not charging all vessels entering the harbour dues in accordance with the published Schedule, and thereby prevent any deficit in the working of the harbour?


I would refer the hon. Member to the answers I gave to hon. Members for Dublin County (North and South) on the 29th February, 1912, and the 18th June last, respectively.