HC Deb 30 July 1913 vol 56 cc526-8
45 and 46. Mr. HORNER

asked the Prime Minister (1) whether he is aware that an action on the part of certain shareholders in the Marconi Company against Mr. Godfrey Isaacs and the directors of the Marconi Company is now pending; whether he is aware that fraud is being alleged against the management of the Marconi Company by the plaintiffs in this case; whether he will consider the advisability of postponing the confirmation of the new Marconi Contract until this action has been decided in the Law Courts; and (2) whether he is aware that Mr. Percy Heybourn has been summoned before the Stock Exchange Committee for improper conduct as jobber to the Marconi Company, in connection with the recent issue of Marconi shares; and whether he will cause an inquiry to be made into the whole of these transactions and Mr. Godfrey Isaacs' part in them before asking the House to confirm the new Marconi Contract?


I have no direct knowledge of the matter referred to, but I have received from the solicitors of the gentlemen named letters in which they complain that the allegations in the questions are both inaccurate and injurious. In any case, they do not appear to me to have any bearing on the merits of the proposed contract with the company, and its discussion will not be postponed.


Is the right hon. Gentleman aware that the Stock Exchange Committee have deferred their decision with regard to Mr. Heybourn until after the trial of the action against Mr. Godfrey. Isaacs and other directors; and that being so, does he not think that it would be equally proper to postpone the ratification of the Marconi Contract?


No, Sir; that has no relevancy of any sort or kind to the contract.

58. Viscount DUNCANNON

asked the Postmaster-General what will be the inter-working arrangements between the Imperial wireless chain and independent private companies working the same system in other countries?

The POSTMASTER-GENERAL (Mr. Herbert Samuel)

No arrangements have been made or discussed.


asked the Postmaster-General when his representatives were last present at Clifden to test high-speed transmission by wireless telegraphy from Glace Bay; and whether he will inform the House as to the nature of that demonstration, and give particulars as to how it compares with the normal working of the Marconi Company across the Atlantic during last week?


No representatives of the Post Office have been at Clifden recently. A demonstration of high-speed working was given to the Advisory Committee in March last. That demonstration is fully described in the Committee's Report. I have no information to show how the results then obtained compared with the working of last week.