HC Deb 15 July 1913 vol 55 cc1038-9
9. Mr. KING

asked the Under-Secretary of State for India how many of the Christian places of worship erected since 1905 in India towards which the Government have contributed are Army chapels, attached to barracks, or are in other respects Government property; and how many are the property of the various religious denominations to which they are allocated?


The information asked for is not available in this country. The Government of India have been asked whether they can furnish it.


Will they be likely to take a long time to get the information?


When my hon. Friend put down a series of questions on this subject I sent them out to India together, and they reached India on 28th June. On 30th June I telegraphed to the Government of India, asking them to let me have a reply by telegraph. I have had no reply to that telegram yet. I do not propose to take any further action.

10. Mr. KING

asked how many consecrated and how many unconsecrated Christian places of worship have been erected in India since 1905 with Government contributions; whether the consecrated places of worship are used only by the denominations to which they belong; and whether the unconsecrated places of worship will be available for the various Christian sects which may apply for the use of them?


The information asked for in the first part of the question is contained in the statement already supplied to the hon. Member—ten are shown as consecrated, forty-one unconsecrated; with regard to parts two and three, the use of consecrated Government churches for Presbyterian and Wesleyan services for troops is regulated by rules contained in the Government of India's Resolution of 2nd June, 1911. I shall be glad to supply the hon. Member with a copy. The use of unconsecrated churches for services for troops is arranged by the military authorities after consultation with the chaplains of the denominations concerned.