HC Deb 01 July 1913 vol 54 cc1648-50
18. Sir J. D. REES

asked the Secretary for War if he will state what action the Government proposes to take to attract recruits to the Territorial Force; and what numbers trained, in what manner, and to what extent, the War Office, on the advice of the General Staff, considers necessary for Home defence, in the absence of the Expeditionary Army?

Colonel SEELY

The matter is receiving the most careful consideration, but it is one which I cannot undertake to deal with within the limits of an answer to a question.


In view of the fact that an inquiry by a Departmental Committee has been held into the working of the Territorial Associations, will the right hon. Gentleman consider having a further inquiry as to other steps that may be necessary in order to bring this Territorial Force up to its establishment?

Colonel SEELY

I shall be very glad to receive any suggestions which my right hon. Friend, or those associated with him, can make, in order to derive advantage from the inquiry to which he has referred.

21. Major M'CALMONT

asked the Secretary for War whether he can state the total number of horses that would have been required for the London Territorial divisions and mounted brigade for the review on 5th July on Wimbledon Common; whether the completed arrangements included horses available for Regular troops or for other Territorial troops on mobilisation; and, if so, how many?

Colonel SEELY

About 4,000 horses would have been required. The arrangements for their supply did not include horses in the possession of Regular units.


Will the right hon. Gentleman answer the latter part of the question as to the number of horses available for Territorial units?

Colonel SEELY

That would involve a very careful and detailed inquiry. If the question is asked as to the number of horses available, I shall be glad to furnish the hon. and gallant Gentleman with the figures.


asked the Secretary of State for War whether, in view of the proposal to increase the allowance to Territorial officers on joining from £20 to £40, he will consider the possibility that a Grant of a similar nature should be made to officers who have served ten years and upwards towards the expenses of renewing uniform and such replacement of the same as is necessitated by the continual changes which have been made?

Colonel SEELY

It is not practicable to reopen the question of the outfit Grant at the present time, but the hon. Gentleman's suggestion shall be carefully borne in mind.


asked the Secretary of State for War whether the Reserve mentioned in paragraph 2 of the guide for the use of candidates for commissions in the Territorial Force, 1913, which will, according to that paragraph, support the Territorial Force to the extent of 33 per cent. of its establishment, will be formed from retired Territorials, or from the National Reserve, or from what source; and what are the present numbers of officers and men of this Reserve?

Colonel SEELY

The Reserve mentioned is the Territorial Force Reserve, which is composed of officers and men who have served in the Territorial Force. The 33 per cent. establishment was fixed to limit the numbers which might ultimately join this Reserve. At present there are only 415 officers and 969 other ranks, but these figures show a gradual increase of numbers.


Can the right hon. Gentleman give us any idea when this 33 per cent. will be reached?

Colonel SEELY

No, I am afraid that is a matter of speculation.

Colonel GREIG

Might not some amelioration be made in the conditions for men joining the Territorial Reserve, so as to enable larger numbers to be taken and which otherwise will be lost altogether?

Colonel SEELY

I think steps should be taken to increase the Reserve and steps will be taken to that end.