HC Deb 01 July 1913 vol 54 c1639

Mr. FENWICK reported from the Committee of Selection; That they had discharged the following Member from Standing Committee A: Mr. Keir-Hardie; and had appointed in substitution: Mr. Hancock.

Mr. FENWICK further reported from the Committee; That they had added to the Standing Committee on Scottish Bills the following Fifteen Members (in respect of the Education (Scotland) and of the Mental Deficiency and Lunacy (Scotland) Bills: Mr. Vaughan-Davies, Mr. Dickinson, Mr. Atherley Jones, Dr. O'Neill, Mr. Brace, Colonel Burn, Mr. Evelyn Cecil, Mr. Dixon, Mr. John Edward Gordon, Mr. Orde-Powlett, Major Morrison-Bell, Sir John Spear, Captain Tryon, Viscount Lewisham, and Mr. Butler Lloyd.

Reports to lie upon the Table.