HC Deb 27 January 1913 vol 47 c982

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty whether he can state how much money has been collected from the workmen at Rosyth by the compulsory deduction of 2d. per week from their wages since the works started, and how the money has been spent; who audited the accounts; and whether any balance-sheet has been issued to the men in accordance with the provisions of the Truck Acts?


The points raised by my hon. Friend relate to matters entirely under the jurisdiction of the contractors, but Messrs. Easton Gibb have kindly furnished me with the following information. The preparation of the statement of total contributions asked for in the first part of the question involves, I understand, some little trouble; but the firm will be quite prepared to give the amount collected year by year if my hon. Friend desires it. The whole of the money collected, without any deduction whatever, has been spent in payment for medical attendance on the workmen and their families. The accounts have been audited by a certified chartered accountant—the firm bearing the cost of the audit. A notice is posted on the works stating that the balance-sheets can be inspected on application by any workman who has subscribed to the fund, which is managed by a committee formed partly of workmen and partly of Messrs. Gibb's staff. I assume that all these arrangements will be affected, so far as the future is concerned, by the operations of Part I. of the Insurance Act.


Will the right hon. Gentleman suggest to the contractor the advisability of circulating the balance sheet freely to all workmen whose wages are deducted for the purpose without compelling them to make application to the firm for the same?


The balance sheet is posted publicly at the works, where all workmen are able to see it.